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September 2023 - December 2023




The Greenkonnect platform brings together the best producers of ornamental plants and flowers from all over the Iberian Peninsula to offer the best and largest assortment on the market. Advised by an experienced team.

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September 2023 - December 2023


About the Project

Getting the products you need for your business has never been easier. Increase your sales because you can offer the best assortment.

Our experience and vision of the market of ornamental plants and flowers produced in Spain and Portugal allows us to offer you the best assortment.

Marketplace the first digital platform that manages the production and marketing of ornamental plants and flowers in the Iberian Peninsula.

Why choose Greenkonnect?

Helping the ornamental plants and flowers sector is our passion. We put our experience into this company to give back all that this wonderful world has given us.

The growers are the pillar of this market and we support them and offer them our knowledge, our own technology, to optimise and advance their profitability and efficiency in order to add value to their products and services.

Buyers of plants and flowers have in this marketplace the opportunity to get to know a unique production market in the world. Finding what you are looking for for your business has never been so easy. We bet that you find the quality you want, the product that best suits your needs and have a great success.

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