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June 2023 - Oct 2023



Voicit automates the generation of summaries and enables advanced analysis of meeting and interview information to improve the efficiency and quality of business services.

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June 2023 - Oct 2023

About the Project

Voicit is the AI powered tool that allows an automatic and customized documentation of meetings and interviews to improve the efficiency and quality of business services.

This solution enables more fluid and natural conversations so that attendees can focus on participating and making the most of the meeting, improving by more than 70% the efficiency of the processes related to the documentation of meetings and interviews. We achieve this through automatic summaries and notes adapted to each use case and type of meeting, whether face-to-face or online.

To take meeting information to the next level, we have developed Voicit Intelligence, a proprietary technology inspired by the well-known ChatGPT that speeds up the information search process by providing an instant answer to any question related to meeting information.

On the other hand, Voicit Intelligence introduces the design of customized templates that will allow the summaries to reflect the exact information that each type of user wants to extract from each meeting.

These technologies are the foundation of something much bigger, Voicit Analytics: a new technology that will make it easier for companies to draw objective conclusions and helps to reduce decision making risk.

Voicit Analytics is the brain that analyzes information from multiple meetings so that companies can have all the information under control and can squeeze the most out of that information by comparing the data from the different meetings analyzed. This technology provides from conclusions and main topics discussed, to graphs of data associated with the information, statistics based on KPIs defined by the company, monitoring of meetings and so on. 

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